What if my packages are lost, damaged, or delayed?

Our store offers the Green Shipping Protection service as a buying option on the cart page. This service is currently available only in eight countries: the US, CA, AU, NZL, FR, UK, NL, and GE.

In what kind of conditions can I apply for the claim?

The situation listed below can be covered by the Worry-Free Purchase;

1. I haven't received my packages even though it shows "Delivered".
2. My package was stolen.
3. I haven't received it for over 30 days.
The products are unusable, clearly fractured, shattered, bent (if not bendable), crushed, etc.,
U.S.: Not delivered after 10 days following order fulfillment is considered lost.
Outside of the U.S.: Not delivered after 30 days following order fulfillment is considered lost.

Where can I apply for the claim?

You can access the Seel Resolution Center to submit a claim request either from the tracking page in-store or the policy confirmation email:

1 - The tracking page

2 - The policy confirmation email sent by Seel

What should I do after I applied for the claim?

Seel will process your application within 48 hours and if there is no response within that time, feel free to contact us via info@moonkieshop.com.

Supporting Docs Required to Qualify for a Claim

Supporting docs required for a claim of damage:

When the item(s) are damaged during transit, we need to evaluate the nature, cause, and impact of the damage. To file and qualify for a claim of damage, the following supporting documents are required:

1. Clear photo(s)of the carrier packaging and product package

2. Clear photo(s)of how the item(s) are damaged

The payout amount for damage is determined by the evaluation results, up to 100% of the purchased value, depending on how the damage affects the usability of the item(s). Note that damage in packaging without affecting the item(s)  inside,  and clear pre-shipment item defects are not covered. The supporting documents you provide will directly affect our evaluation. Please make sure to provide detailed evidence to facilitate your resolution process.

Supporting docs required for a claim of loss:

a. If the shipment is marked by the carrier "lost", or "delivery" scan 30 days after shipment, you don’t need to provide any additional proof.

b. If the shipment has shown a "delivery" scan, but was not received, we encourage you to look around in your neighborhood or mail hub first. If, however, you still can’t find your package, we might need one of the following as the supporting document to qualify for a claim of loss:

  • Police report
  • Security footage
  • Carrier letter
  • Written documentation from an authority/leasing office detailing

For scenario"b", if this is the first occurrence of such a situation with your package, Seel will provide compensation without requiring any supporting documents. However, if the same situation occurs a gain, supporting documents will be mandatory.

Supporting Docs Required for a Claim of Delay:

1. No supporting docs are required for a claim of delay. Such cases will be automatically judged based on the tracking info of your package's tracking number.

Payout Options

Seel supports payout in one of the following four options.

1. PayPal: Supports multi-currency transfers. Funds arrive instantly once the claim is approved.

2. Venmo: Supports USD transfers, funds arrive instantly once the claim is approved.

3. Direct deposit: Supports USD transfers via US bank account ACH transfer, takes 1-3 business days to arrive. This option is only available for transactions in USD.

4. Tremendous: customers will receive their payout in the form of a virtual visa card.

What if I have any further questions about applying the claim?

You can reach out to 17support@seel.com for more details.