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Size: 10.85 x 7.9 x 4.65 inch

Moonkie Gift Box is exquisitely designed with great attention to detail.

  1. It features a flip-top design that makes storage a breeze and a stylish appearance with exquisite printing, giving it a unique and trendy vibe.
  2. The Gift Box has a durable and reinforced exterior that resists wear and tear, with a stable interior that includes a reinforced bottom plate to prevent damage.
  3. The Gift Box balances functionality and aesthetics with a combination of straight angles and curves that provide stability, making it easy to stand upright while protecting your belongings.
  4. The ergonomic handle is made of high-quality leather with a comfortable grip and moderate length for maximum comfort.
  5. It has sturdy metal clasps to prevent items from falling out.

Moonkie Gift Box has a large capacity and can be used as a gift box, baby storage box, or small suitcase, allowing you to showcase your unique personality and style on your journey or in daily life.

Why choose Moonkie?

Moonkie Research Center partners with pediatricians, midwives, ergonomists, doulas, and parents.

Countless experiments in our dedicated lab enable us to bring you the safest and most considerate baby essentials.

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